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08/20/2021 - I am offering only limited in-person evaluations at this time and will be monitoring the COVID-19 Delta variant situation on an ongoing basis.

To schedule in-person evaluations, please click on the "online scheduling" link in the menu to the left.

To scheduled a virtual evaluation, please email your contact information including your name, email address, and phone number to [email protected] and I will send you further instructions.

Our Practice

Located in Delafield, WI, Tyre and Childs Public Safety Consultation has been providing psychological services for municipal departments and public safety agencies for over 25 years. Dr. Tyre and Dr. Childs have worked closely with police, fire, and sheriff's departments to develop an understanding and appreciation for the unique stressors faced in the line of duty. Click on the following link to see a sampling of agencies we have served: Department List.

We provide psychological services including:

Why Should You Use Our Practice?

We believe in two basic principles. First, our primary goal is to perform our job with integrity and do the job the right way. This is not always the most convenient way, the fastest way, or even the cheapest way at times, but you can never go wrong when you do things the right way.

Second, we believe that the field of Police and Public Safety Psychology requires specialized knowledge above and beyond that which is taught in a general graduate school curriculum. Very few professionals know relevant research literature, follow national best practice guidelines, and have a working knowledge of relevant legal cases in addition to Federal and State regulations related to Police and Public Safety Psychology. Dr. Tyre and Dr. Childs are subject matter experts in this highly specialized area of practice. We recommend that public safety agencies look into the Guidelines for Consulting Police Psychologists created by the International Association of Chiefs of Police before agreeing to contract with a professional to provide psychological services and/or consultation for your agency.

Do We Work With Other Types of Agencies?

Yes, in addition to their work with public safety agencies, Dr. Tyre and Dr. Childs also provide evaluations for employers that place individuals into positions where employees handle sensitive and/or confidential information (personal health information, financial information, SSN's, etc.), or have assignments involving weapons or complex machinery and systems.

These types of agencies can include financial institutions, healthcare settings, call centers, manufacturing plants, research facilities, etc. Evaluations have been conducted for

jobs ranging from various director positions (nursing, residential care facilities, etc.), sales managers, Health and Human Services workers, financial institutions, and municipal employees such as building officials.